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There’s a new clone in town

April 17, 2009


Welcome Injaz, the first female one-humped camel clone to enter the world!  Injaz was created by scientists of the United Arab Emirates at the Camel Reproduction Centre on April 8th. Her name means “achievement” in Arabic, but given that we’ve been cloning sheep since 1993 (followed by mice, dogs, pigs, and cows), you’re probably wondering: what’s the big deal? Aside from the fact that Injaz is likely the cutest clone I’ve seen [look at those floppy ears!!!] , I think it’s great to see Dubai scientists stepping into the limelight. Cloning celebrity status has been primarily dominated by the United States and the UK (with only the dog clone being created by South Korea). Case in point: innovation can and does come from anywhere and everywhere.

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