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Blogrock creates new up-and-coming Cameron Crowes

June 1, 2009


Max Timander and Spencer Tweedy,

apparently the mop-top is an industry standard for music critics 😉

Since it’s release in the year 2000, I have remained impossibly enamored with the movie, Almost Famous.  William Miller ({atrick Fugit) is a 15-year-old wonderkid who pitches to the Rolling Stone a cover story of the rising-star band, Stillwater, and the Rolling Stone accepts. It is a story based on the early years of Cameron Crowe. Crowe met the editor of the Rolling Stone when he was 16, on a trip to Los Angeles, and was then hired to tour with the Allman Brothers.

As both a writer and a music lover, I am obssessed with this fairytale, especially because Crowe managed to achieve success in such youth. Growing up, I told myself the golden age of rock n’ roll journalism and those once-in-a-lifetime-chances were over. Lester Bangs was dead. I wouldn’t be exposed to Chuck Klosterman until 2005 and besides,  they just don’t make bands like they used to anymore. Everything is about self-promotion as well – even Brendan Kelly of Lawrence Arms has his own blog, the Bad Sandwich Chronicles. (Though addicting and wholly inappropriate,  I can’t decide whether his random tangets help or hurt the band,  but a voice straight from the source is far more interesting than anything a rock critic has to say.)

However, I am happy to say today that for all you Cameron Crowe wannabes – don’t lose hope! The Minneapolis Star Tribune recently ran a front page story on a 12 year old rock blogger, Max Timander. Mx2007, as Timander refers to himself online, has been churning out music reviews on his site, for over year. What’s so cool about it -(aside from the fact that he’s only freakin’ 12 years old!) – is that along with reviewing big names, he also keeps on a pulse on the local Twin Cities music scene – an appeal that a major music magazine can’t achieve. Timander’s blogroll will lead you to another young arts and entertainment reviewer, Spencer Tweedy, who is also just 14 years old. Tweedy is equally full of insightful and honest rock n’ roll opinions, but to be fair, he may have had a little help from his dad, Jeff Tweedy of the indie-folk band, Wilco. Regardless, I am so impressed by these young  up and coming entrepreneurial Cameron Crowes and so should you! 🙂 Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

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  1. June 27, 2009 11:17 am

    Great article on me and Spencer. Thanks!

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